Few months ago, as I was struggling with the topics to publish at this blog, I was watching the MTV Top 20 and I wondered, “Where are the big ones from my days?” I decided to begin searching about them, so I could write –every Friday – an #FBF about those great artists from the 80s and 90s, and so, I started finding out what Elton John was doing, Bryan Adams, George Michael…

Today, that draft among my files, seems like it was written in another era…

This, is my humble ovation to him.

I arrived to Argentina yesterday at 1am, after traveling the whole day from NYC; a huge storm – that made me make my peace with God, life and all my selfish and nonsense bullshit – leaded us to land in another city, and therefore I arrived to Rosario yesterday at 4pm, exhausted, and still without a chip on my iPhone that would allowed me to get on online, which – to be honest – I took it as a nice (and pretyy healthy, I must add) social media break.

But last night, at my mother’s birthday, I heard:

“Some young singer died… George…”

To which my mom added:


“George Michael!”

Too late… I was already running for some privacy to burst into tears because, yes, I loved him, I loved him as much as an admirer for almost 30 years would love a great inspiring artist. I tweeted – still in shock – that my father said it, but my mom came to my room to comfort me and said, “your god mother didn’t know; and I didn’t want to tell you yet”. “What do you mean? Didn’t dad say it?”, “No, it was your aunt”… I guess the shock made some kind of shortcut in my brain… even in my heart.

I met George thanks to the movie Cocktail, and that catchy song “Wake me up (before you go-go)” by Wham… Didn’t you? … Then it came Careless Whispers, Father Figure, and that twist in his work with “Listen Without Prejudice”. I was a true fan of his work, and …well… he was also my first “old-man” crush.

Was it in 1990, 1991, when he broke my heart? I cried so hard when I’ve found out that I would have no chance with him (‘cos “I had”, you know); my mama said, “I get you”, to which I replied, “No, you don’t!!!” And I thought, “Why am I the only teenager whom no one understands??” Mama took a gently breath and said: “Sweetie, I wanted to marry Freddy Mercury…” #EnoughSaid

Had you heard about him recently?

George Michael’s latest album “Symphonica” was released on 2014. Did you think his latest work was “Listen without prejudice?” I did! For many years, since the pop came back stronger to the charts, I stopped following those great “oldies” artists, and I just stayed with their classics for my special moments while I began to learn about the new talents.

This year, as you can read at his website, George was nominated for the songwriters Hall Of Fame, “for his extensive catalog of songwriting credits including chart-toppers such as ‘Careless Whisper’, ‘Father Figure’ and ‘Wake Me Up Before you Go-Go’.” So yeah… He kept working and people kept acknowledging his talent. On his latest instagram, he shared the news about his upcoming documentary “Freedom”… I wonder if the producers will keep working on it….

… I won’t write about happened to him; you can call it “respect”. He’s gone, he left a true legacy, and that’s all that matters to me. When I think about him, I think about a talented man who wasn’t afraid to try new ways to express himself in terms of his music, a man who wasn’t afraid to say “this is who I am, this is how I feel, this is what I think”, in all aspects of his life… I will miss him, and every time I listen to his music, I’ll get the same bitter-sweet feeling I get when I listen to Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Prince…

We’ve lost so much …

Wake me up, before you go-go

I suffered a great lost this year… one more in my life, most certainly just like you; and finding out about the passing of George, brings back to my heart that strange feeling, kind of surreal, that feeling we get when someone leaves forever: “I wasn’t prepared, I didn’t expect this”…

I, I, I… So selfish…

I keep thinking, “wake me up before you go-go”… as if it would be possible for someone to say, “hey, I’m dying! Goodbye now!” I lost many people in my life, but I had the chance to say goodbye to only one of them… and I found out that saying goodbye doesn’t work when it should work the most… Saying goodbye doesn’t work when it’s forever…

Farewell my dearest fool… I’ll save a kiss for you forever.

‘Be good to yourself, because nobody else has the power to make you happy…’

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  1. We have our celeb loves. He w a set mine but nonetheless I was still sad to hear of his passing. He was so creative and I loved his voice. I get the grieving. Thanks for sharing, lovely tribute.

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