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If I had a penny for every personal diary I started on a “January 1st”, writing on the very first sheet a list of things I would definitely do during the New Year… I wouldn’t have too much actually; I just write it on napkins or dirty pieces of sheet… that quickly turn into a ball for my cats to play with.

Anyway… For the past few years, “to lose 20 pounds” was always at the top of my list… And I lost them, and even ten more; but I lost them without thinking “hey, I can finally check this resolution, I’m awesome”

Now, I’m not going to talk about dieting as a resolution, because, let’s get real: we all say we’re going to start the diet “next Monday”, and we don’t… So just allowed to me explain.

Pushing hard and pushing too hard

“OMG Laly! How much weight did you lose? What did you do?” Answer one: I actually don’t know! (bullshit!); Answer two: I started living like a “normal” person (if there’s such a thing) I just started taking long walks, I cut some drinks, and I kept my healthy way of eating.

Basically, I began taking the right little steps, without going crazy about how long it would take me to get thin again. In cute words (I’m a writer after all): I forgot about the destination, and I focused on the journey: the journey of living healthy, day by day.

I believe there’s a difference between pushing hard and pushing too hard; with the first option, we’ll most certainly achieve our goals; with the second one, we’ll most certainly get frustrated at some point of the way, because there is only a certain amount of stress our body and mind can handle… and that frustration is the one to blame when we say: “I’m done. I cannot do this anymore”

Except… yes you can! Just… take it easy…

Searching for a New Horizon

I came to NYC on July and I wanted to stay for a few months; I actually wanted to stay away from my routine and to heal… I needed to heal so bad. But it wasn’t possible… I remember going to church one day, and feeling “Just be patience”… I wanted so much to trust that feeling, that inner voice, perhaps even God’s voice, but I flew back to Argentina feeling defeated.

Hey #God what's up? Thank you for you know what, and send my love to you know who 😘

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I came back, and I went onboard another NKOTB cruise on October. During our last afternoon on the boat, on our way back from Cozumel to New Orleans, I saw this image, and I felt peace…

Two nights after that, I stayed in NYC… and here I am…

So why do I represent my New Horizon with this picture? Because once, it gave me the peace I’m still searching for and which is so hard for my heart and soul to achieve.

However, I don’t want to see it as an “horizon”; I feel that If we see our destination in an horizon, we’ll see it far away. So, just like I did when I lost weight, I’m going to do it step by step: today, and just for today, I’ll be in peace.

Tomorrow? Well… I guess I’ll have to do the same.

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