For WP Weekly Photo Challenge: Magic

Once upon a time… This picture makes me want to start writing with that line… I look at it and I can see Alice coming out the rabbit hole; what do you see? … I see a princess sitting under the big tree… no people, no concrete, and it looks like she just fell, and I see a prince fighting a dragon at the left, almost out of frame… What do you see?

Ok. I’m almost forty, not crazy and I don’t do drugs; I don’t see the freaking little princess, but this image invites me to do so, it compels me to make a whole other story from another time and place, and there relies its magic. … Alice looks great as usual, by the way.

A couple of weeks ago, I was walking on one of the most beautiful Saturday afternoons at the Central Park, when I saw this image; to my eyes, it felt like a painting with the most vibrant colors had just being dropped from some mystic sky to this human land. I stopped and I told my special one (oh yes, I’m in love…), I asked him: “Do you see?” Thank God, he said yes, ‘cos more than thirty years ago I asked the same question, and I felt alone.

When I was maybe 9 years-old, my parents and I were driving on a mountain road to another city, when we saw an eagle in the sky… Amazing… So amazing… floating in the air effortless, with its wings wide open, elegantly taking over the sky… Long live the queen…

But it flew down… fast and focused… It picked up a hare, flew up with it in its claws, threw it from the sky!!! and then flew down to it: It was the circle of life, out of the books.

– Did you see?!?!? Did you see?!?!?- I said to my parents from the back seat
– Yes, honey
– But… Did you see?!?!? The teacher told us this in school, and there was a picture in the book!! but I’d never imagine that it was…
– Yes, honey, we know
– but … ISN’T THAT AMAZING!?!?!?!

Adults… Take them or leave them, right? Truth is, they were too busy looking at the mountain road to enjoy the moment… But I was a child; my whole nature was about enjoying every single moment.

Whether is an image that invites you to jump into a fairytale with your children, or nature in all its glory, the emerging magic will always be at your reach if you have your eyes wide open; so don’t focus on the possible bumps in the road… take a look to your right… you’ll probably find a huge mushroom and a tiny little blue friend saying hello.

PS: Yes. Go to the doctor. You ate the mushroom and now you’re seeing smurfs… Are you crazy?

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