We love packages! This non-touring year was worth the wait, since next year, not only we’re going to have NKOTB touring around U.S, but also, we’re going to get to see our guys sharing the stage with Boyz II Men and Paula Abdul. Hashtag Yay! right here!

At 630 am this morning, Blockheads were already arriving to the Rockefeller Centre to see what NKOTB was going to announce. “You can comeback at 8:30” a guy from the Today Show staff told us to whom were freezing under the rain… “Thank you, you can carry on” we replied in silence; if there is one thing a Blockhead can take, that is the rain, and it still is our lucky charm like it was five years ago at the Fenway Park.

At 7.15 Donnie Wahlberg was also there, outside in the rain, taking pictures with every single fan… That’s what he does! And the great announcement finally came at 830 am, when NKOTB, Boyz II Men and Paula Abdul – yes! the whole package! – gave us this warm news at the Today Show studio.

Who's going? Tickets on sale this Saturday! Go to Ticketmaster.com and NKOTB.com for more info! #TotalPackageTour

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… Actually, not the whole package; Jon is still enjoying his vacations in Africa, but it didn’t stop him from sharing his joy about this upcoming tour.

Last but not least, about me… I got to finally taste what it’s like to say: “hey, NKOTB at the today show? I’m one metro ride away!”, and even though I can call New York City my home now, my heart will always keep asking for them to be on our blue and white Argentinian stage, even if it’s not #DonnieSoon (I only hope it doesn’t take them another 25 years to go back south) 😛

And yes! OMG, Fenway Park, here we go again!


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