Yes. That is what we do.

Whether is about searching a cure for cancer and helping those who are fighting it (through Remember Betty, with Danny Wood), about ALZ (with Joey McIntyre), Autism (with Donnie Wahlberg and his wife Jenny McCarthy), and so much more, we – the so-called Blockheads – are there.

This time, as we were getting ready to set sail onboard NKOTB’s 8th cruise, we gather together at the Mardi Grass World to say hello, dance, have fun, and above all, to help this cause: Save The Children, which has been vital to the recovery efforts in New Orleans following the recent August 2016 flooding

Last night, the New Kids On The Block – Danny, Donnie Joey, Jon and Jordan – hosted a pre-cruise party at the Mardi Grass World, and they showed up Mardi Grass style:

Thanks for the kisses Jon!

Donnie actually couldn’t make it because he was still on the set of Blue Bloods; we missed him! but it didn’t stop us from celebrating this 20.000 dollars we raised for the children, and the friendship and love we’ll be celebrating for the next four days.


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