These are my top 5 favorite moments with the guys, onboard an NKOTB cruise… and hey! They could happen to you!


I’ve already told you about the Myths and Facts about an NKTOB cruise: myths that I found on social media posts (yeah, for real), with a humble – and a little bit twisted – analysis 😛

Now it’s time to get real, and to let you know that besides the endless selfies and hugs that you can get, you could also pack in your memories the most beautiful moments with them.

Let’s make a countdown!

5) We all get younger on that boat

We say is the mood… the music… We feel like going back in time while we dance in costumes to the music from the 80s and 90s… Onboard of the NKOTB cruise 2014, I spent my birthday, and on that night I was holding a heart-shaped sign which read ‘B-day’.

Jon saw me from a balcony and yelled:

– Happy Birthday!
– Thank you! – I replied like mama taught me
– Twenty one? – he said, counting with his fingers
– Thirty seven – I replied, using the same effective sign language
– No way! – he yelled, and he turned around to his friends, pointing at me! Like saying: she is old!!!

People say I look ten years younger… but it was dark, and he was holding a drink in his hand…so… yeah…

And hey! perhaps I look younger when I drink! (I gotta keep doing that. Good to know)

Latin Blockheads and me (holding the heart) on Cowboy Night, NKOTB cruise 2014.

4) Your heart always get the job done

Let’s stay with that heart-shaped sign for a moment. On Jun 6, 2014, I spent my birthday afternoon on an NKOTB cruise, at an NKOTB concert: Could-you-ask-for-more? NO. Thank you God, take a holiday.

However, I went with that huge heart-shaped sign (which has another ‘old school’ story behind it) and Joey, at the end of the concert, said to me from the stage:

– Is it your birthday?
– (No, I just like to make fake crafts) YES!
– Happy birthday- he said, with that sweet angel voice…

That being said: this is the kind of gifts you can receive onboard an NKOTB cruise

On a side note: I was going through one of the most sh… awful years of my life… The NKOTB cruise 2014 was like the guys saying: ‘Hey girl, we got your back; we’ll make you smile’…and for that I am – and forever will be – endlessly grateful.

3) What to expect when you are not expecting

Crying my eyes out, sweating joy and emotion, while walking with another Blockhead out of the concert down a hallway, a woman approached us from behind, and in confidence -whispering- she asked:

– Are you alone?
– (Holly sh*t! a stalker) … mmmm… yes? … no… I mean…
– Is that your room?
– (call the cops, no don’t, she seems nice) Yes
– Let’s go inside

She was from rosetours and she wanted to invite us to “a secret event” that would take place the next day. The event turned out to be “DDubs Sacred Circle”…

That being said: this is another -awesome- gift you can receive onboard an NKOTB cruise.

2) Wrong floor isn’t always a bad thing

When we arrived to the NKOTB cruise 2013 (my first one), we got out on the wrong floor.

– Oops, it is the 7th- I said, struggling with my suitcases
– Look! It’s Danny!!- my husband replied, pointing to his left

Smile, hug, kiss and pic (no ‘selfies’ back then)

That being said: this is great way to start your journey

The gorgeous Danny Wood and me! on NKOTB cruise 2014

1) A red account isn’t always a bad thing either

Minutes before the sail away party on NKOTB cruise 2014, I went to the bar and asked for my traditional Margarita (on the rocks, with salt, and a napkin please, thank you). I gave the bartender my key card and he said:

– You have zero credit
– WTF? I have money! What do I do??
– Go to the administration desk
– Where is that? How do I get there?
– Approach a balcony, jump into the next boat you’ll see; they are going to leave you a few miles away from the shore. Swim to the shore, find a talking monkey, ask him for a telephone, call your bank and then ask them to send you a Margarita via UPS. Don’t worry, UPS have coolers.

So… Ok… Of course I didn’t say “WTF” (mama taught me well); however, the journey to the administration desk was something like that. I ran through hallways and stairs, took elevators, ran through more hallways and stairs again, only to find that out that: I  – actually, me, myself and I –  had checked the “zero” option for the amount to be spent onboard, when I checked in online back at home.


So I ran again, yelling in my thoughts “I’m gonna miss them! I’m gonna miss when they’d show up on stage!! Run Laly, run!”. After half an hour or so, I arrived to the last – and empty – elevator.

A girl also walked in … This girl…

Meet Tarah, @nkotbfan2014… I didn’t keep in touch with her. I regret that…

…. and I said:

– We are late to the party, he-he
– yes – she replied
– Is this your first cruise?
– yes
– (wow you’re so friendly) Oh! So you are a virgin! And you are late to the first party! Come on girl!

I got a smile from her (sweetest girl!!), and while we were saying “oh you’re from Florida, I’m from Buenos Aires”, the elevator stopped, …,  and the New Kids came in.

Santa Madre de Dios.

All I could said was: “OMG, OMG, OMG”, while Joey started looking at me with those piercing eyes, and Donnie began to take off and put on my bandana saying: “Argentina, right? Argentina, right?”

“Yes, OMG, OMG, OMG”, I kept saying, literally! Joey was staring at me by that time (he does that, BTW) so I tried to take of my sunglasses to give him a GOOD look, like: ‘Dude, I’m Joey-proof’, while Donnie was messing up my hair by putting on and taking off my bandana, and Tarah was desperately trying to find a camera to capture the moment.

And I said… (I’m sorry)… I said… (I’m so so sorry), I said (I’m so deeply sorry guys)… I said: “Too much New Kids!!!!”

Yes. Like I’ve never took an english class and learned the difference between “much” and “many”.

When we arrived to the 9th floor I said: “This is us”, and Florida girl and I got out, in shock of course.

The guys didn’t say: “Get out, this is your floor”. The just stood there, maybe shocked by this crazy latin woman with a messed up hair.

That being said: this is how you start an NKOTB cruise. Woohoo!


Words cannot describe what happens on that boat. The energy flowing 24/7, the music coming from the cabins, girls dressed up in costumes, someone running and screaming in another language making you feel you’re one of the ‘normal’ ones (when you’re not, duh!)… and of course them… the New Kids On The Block…

What I want to say here is this: don’t jump on that boat obsessed to get a selfie; jump onboard with the only obsession of having fun! Mingle if you’re by yourself, enjoy your friends if you’re with other Blockheads you know. The guys will show up to give you a dose of magic… Just let it happen…

Let them surprise you… They are masters at it 😉

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Plus… GPS night? Who could forget…

“Some Argentine, without means, do it…People say, in Boston, even beans do it! Let’s do it, let’s fall in love” wrote Cole Porter once! (Alanis Morissette’s version BTW)


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