There was a total solar eclipse when I was a child –on June 11, 1983, according to Dr. Internet – and teachers at school had asked us to watch it and to then make a drawing. The first task was to get an x-ray film to watch it through it:

“You’ll go blind if you watch the eclipse without protecting your eyes”, the teacher told us.
I thought, “Danger. Great!”

At home, however, the first task was to cover, with news papers, all the picture windows in our living room, so there wouldn’t be any “danger”. It was 1983… Did I mention that? Second task was to get an x-ray film, which I’m pretty sure it belonged to my father’s hips.

So there we were, waiting behind a whole we left in this wall of news papers, and later watching the moon smoothly covering the sun, the day turning into night…

“This is amazing!”, I thought, “But I want to really see it! But I could go blind … What if they lied? What if they don’t really know the truth? What if nothing happens? I have to see it with my own eyes!” …

I remember my father holding the x-ray film, and how as soon as he turned around for a second, I gave it a look!!! And Oh-My-God: It felt amazing. I didn’t go blind of course, and – to this day – I can recall feeling like James Bond killing the Nazis with one shot #Boom! (actually, I’m pretty sure it was like Papa Smurf winning a battle against Gargamel)

… And ha! I was right!

From that moment on, I thought teachers knew nothing about it; but, turns out it’s true… Here’s a good piece from NASA about the phenomenon… (I wasn’t right… #bummer)

Taking safety risks

How many times in life we find ourselves in front an amazing new thing to experience, a new path to take; is the path that we’d probably been waiting for a long time, but is a risky one; we know it could change our lives, but there is a woodpecker in our heads telling us: ‘This is risky. You’re safe now; what if you end up in a worse path?’

Here is what I think:

First of all, Who’s the woodpecker? Is it your fear, or is it someone that actually has the knowledge to help you?

Your fear? Ok. Here’s something for you that’s floating around the web:

Success occurs when your dreams get bigger than your excuses

#EnoughSaid… That, plus the rest of my blog 😛

Is it someone who knows about that new path? I’ll say trust the person… I should have trusted my teachers… However, and this is my second point: How much does that knowledge apply to what you are going through? … because… we are not all the same…

A note on depression

During my last depression, which lasted a long –long- time, I kissed my doctors goodbye when I realized they were just trying to keep me ‘calm’… I reached a point where I couldn’t even laugh or cry at a movie; I had no emotions… I became a robot, incapable of writing a single word…

So I read about those pills they were giving me: it turned out that they produce havoc; I read more about depression and OMG did I watch more than few TED talks! My conclusion was: ‘I’ll quit the pills; I’ll just do it. I wanna feel like myself again’.

– ‘You can get worse’ my doctors said
– ‘It’s worth the try’ I replied.

They told me how to stop taking the pills – which is quite a process, I must add – and I fully committed to it. I bought the best vitamins on the market, I changed my diet and I went back to doing sports.

In two months –two months, after years of being sad- I was a whole other person… Hi! 🙂

Now please: I’ll come back to this particular topic on another occasion. I’m not a doctor; I’m only an expert on how depression works on me.

… ‘On me’… So again: in front that amazing new path that everyone says is risky, ask yourself how much do they really know about it, and how much that knowledge applies to you.

When I thought about stop taking the pills, I found myself in front an eclipse again: I wanted to see the sun… Oh Lord, I wanted the sun so much!!… But I was facing the risk of getting really burned. The process wasn’t easy and it was like the moon turning the day into the darkness of the night… But I got lucky… The moon passed, and the sun that remained brightened up my life.

And you know what: I didn’t get lucky! I knew myself! I knew that new path would work for me.

To sum it up

‘Is the new path risky?’ It’s a valid question; write your pros and cons and choose your reasonable answer… And above all… listen to your guts as I told you the other day… They do talk, you know.

And, on top of that, ask yourself: Is-it-worthy.

Let’s say you want to end up your marriage, move to another city, change your job… If you’re thinking about taking a new path, is because you’re not happy where you are; it’s because you know there’s another better path for you… Your guts are screaming here!


You are the only one who knows the answer.

Be brave… We all feel fear… but only a few overcome it.

So be your own hero!

It feels awesome!!!

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