… That is, in case you haven’t met them yet šŸ™‚Ā 

Christopher Cline is a photographer from Minnesota, that will make your instagram’s timeline brightest and happiest everyday.Ā I’ve been following Chris and Juji’s adventures for sometime, andĀ they never stop to amaze me. This is one of my favorites:

Photo by Christopher Cline. Click on the image to read the story behind it
Photo by Christopher Cline. Click on the image to read the story behind it

Do you see the light? #Breathtaking

I had planned to tell you about them for a while, to describe Chris work as he deserves it, but this is an ‘asap’ post: Chris’ camera is no longer with us (RIP camera), and … well… you can imagine what he’s going through:Ā his livelihood is dependent on having a camera.

So, his friends opened a GoFundMe page at:Ā gofundme.com/ChrisandJuji. Now.. there you have it… Every penny counts, and if you can help, Chris will give you an edit for free!

And hey, you can also get their calendar!

Look what finally arrived today. After a lot of hard work and a ton of fun, Juji and I have our first calendar published by Willow Creek Press. I'm so excited about this. We have put our whole hearts into making this a reality. I would also like to thank my better half, @dreaming_big_mn, for her constant support and for always believing in us. I'd also like to thank everyone out there who has supported my creative endeavors and let you know that you all helped make this happen. I'm so grateful to all of our fans and followers. High fives and fist bumps. If you'd like to purchase one the link is in my bio. It's also going to be at your local mall calendar kiosks. I think now it's time to publish a book. #barkbox #Bestdog #worldofcutepets #chrisandjuji #goldendoodles #dogsofinstagramĀ  #goldendoodlesofinstagram #weeklyfluff #rsa_graphicsĀ  #ig_underground #ellen #dogsofinstaworld #dogsandpals #dogscorner #ellendegeneres #excellent_dogsĀ  #puppiesofinstagram #bestwoof #dailydoseopuppies #theellenshow #arts_help #petscorner #animaladdicts #mydogiscutest #petsofinstagram #exklusive_shot #hikingwithdogs #campingwithdogs

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Thank you!

Please help! I need Juji’s adventures šŸ˜‰

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