It is always nice to see the guys, even more if you’re seeing them for three days in a row and have the chance to ask them really good questions, like: ‘Can I have a selfie with you’…

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New Kids On The Block at Block Nation Event (Hershey Park, PA. Aug 5, 2016) © Laly York

I still wonder ‘Do these ladies know everything about NKOTB, and I have to catch up? or do they have the courage that I don’t?’… I never asked them for a selfie in my life (*); the times I’ve met them outside an event, someone else took our pic or I didn’t have my iPhone with me; and those times I had the chance to ask for a selfie, I said ‘Oh… Nah… That line is too long’… My fangirl spirit gets thrown to the bench when I think like that.

Another Blockhead asked Donnie for his shoes… “Try them on, if it fits you can keep it” he said… and just like that he lost his shoes… and his socks! This opened the path to ask him for his t-shirt, but that would have turned the event into an auction or something like that and, as we know, this guy is happily taken.

Good questions? To name a few:

Is NKOTB working on new music?

It’s a mystery they said… But we know we’ll find out about it before they do 😛

Special guest on the cruise?

“We’re working on something special”, Donnie replied… and Joey added “a Mariachi band” (take it as it is)

Pre party before the cruise?

They are also working on it and, according to what Donnie said, it is related to the previous question

Is Danny Wood still single?

Yeah!! Joey added ‘Line them up!’… as if he had to give us the instructions on how to proceed… Oh boy…

Is there an upcoming duet, conformed by Joey and Jordan?

It all started with this picture that Joey posted on instagram:

@jordanknightofficial and me- side project… not coming soon. #NKOTBforLife

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They do look absolutely stunning together…

Joey apologized for the misunderstanding regarding the picture; he said it looked like an album cover, and that he wrote ‘not coming soon’ like ‘is not coming at all’ (I’m not quoting here, BTW)

Are they going to South America?!?

When Ryan (a.k.a. ‘The upgrade’) came close to me, I told him: ‘Hey, I’m from Argentina, Can I asked them about South America?’, ‘She’s got a question’ he replied pointing at another Blockhead, and then he left to find more questions.

Not cool, young man… Kind regards!

What else happened?

What I truly love about these parties and events, is the time I share with Blockheads and the ones I meet. One may think it is all about them, but behind the scenes (or up front, actually) a lot of love and fun is happening.

Here is a periscope – drum roll, please-  with Brandie and Tracy. I met Brandie when we were in a parking lot trying to find the entrance. I got off my taxi, and I saw nothing but two cars, with ladies talking ‘Is it here? Do you know where it is?

As my taxi took off, I went next to Brandie’s car and I said to her:

– Hi! Do you know where is it?
– We are still looking!
– Would you give me a ride?
– Sure! Jump in!

Just like that. Blockheads… You gotta love them!  When we found the entrance, we both met Tracy in the line. At some point, after we got in, Tracy said to me: ‘I’ll just stalk you’; ‘I’m stalking her!’ I replied, pointing at Brandie. And well… As you’ll see, we had fun!

Periscope here, and an instafun right here 🙂

There was a raffle, lots of laughs, and a selfie round as they were leaving… And this time… Ha! I went for it! (my fangirl spirit has lost its ‘selfie virginity’, and I’m so proud, SO proud! 😛 )

Thank you @dannywoodofficial !!! Love you!! 😘😘

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Thank you @donniewahlberg !!! I love you!!! 😘😘

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