I am not kidding; this is science. Have you been looking for a magical pill or potion to make you feel better? Stop. I found something way better.

What if I tell you that with only two minutes of your time, you can configure your brain to feel awesome, without knifes, surgeons or crazy scientists of course… Just you!

Job interviews, important calls, even dating someone for the first time, are all situations that stress us. How can we deal with it? Is it possible to change our feelings by adopting a simple pose?


This video I’m about to show you, was one the most important factors that helped me to get out of my last depression (I’ve been with that b*tch more times that I would have like) … So, it works! And it is about the most simple tool you have to empower yourself, to feel confident, wether you’re facing a job interview, a date! or any stressful situation.

Quick intro

Amy Cuddy offers us a free no-tech life hack, which requires from us to do just one thing: to change our posture for two minutes.

Body language, or nonverbal behavior as social scientists call it, is -well- language!, and it allow us to communicate with others. The question is, how does body language impact on judgment, on how people see us? Amy says: “Those judgments can predict meaningful life outcomes”, and she shares a few examples, for instance: “judgments of political candidate’s faces in just one second predict 70% of U.S. Senate and gubernatorial race outcomes”.

Now, your body language can have an impact on yourself as well, and this is what Amy Cuddy teaches us how to do, talking about not only science facts but also sharing a personal life-changing experience.

When we feel small, can we make ourselves to feel bigger?

So, in this particular case, we are talking about body language and communication, how people see us, what’s people’s perception of us. When we adopt certain kind of pose, people judge us and  “those judgments can predict really meaningful life outcomes” -Amy says- such us who do we hire, who do we date, who do we like, who do we see as a strong or a weak person.

However, this nonverbal communication can also govern how we think and feel about ourselves, and there’s science involved in this!

Oprah Winfrey & Mick Jagger
[screenshot] Oprah Winfrey & Mick Jagger

Here is the amazing fact: when we adopt high-power poses (like the wonder woman pose or the pride pose) our brain produces testosterone (a dominance hormone) and reduces the level or cortisol (the stress hormone)

“Two minutes lead to these hormonal changes, that configure your brain to basically be either assertive, confident and comfortable, or really stress-reactive” – Amy Cuddy

Two minutes

Two minutes. That’s it. Will it change you forever? Of course not, but if you keep doing it and doing it over and over again, it could change who you are. Amy says:

“Fake it until you become it”

So, are you feeling small? You aren’t! It’s just your hormones in a huge mess. Change them, change yourself, open your arms and make yourself bigger!; stir that pot that is your body, and shake those ingredients made by your brain. And then go out and rule the world! Get the job! Get the girl, get the boy!

You can do it. You know that, don’t you?

Enjoy this TED Talk, and share the science!


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