As I’m transitioning from writing and blogging in Spanish to doing it in English, I believe that customs and etiquette expectations compel me to say, again “Hello World! This is who I am 🙂 ”

Quick note: sensitive language is printed in this post and on this blog #SorryNotSorry. That being said…

Hey! This is me!

I’m Laly. I wake up everyday when one of my two cats falls over my head, I drink a huge coffee, and then I write; later I take long walks with my camera, feeling that “this” one shot is gonna make me famous, and then I reflect that I should probably get back home and do what I know, which is to write.

English is not my native language; I was born and raised in Argentina, and now I split my days between the third biggest city of my mother land (Rosario) and the gorgeous New York City. I’ve been working as a freelance writer since 2004, but when it comes to blogging, this is what I like to share (mostly with humor):

  • what I’ve gone through and helped me to grow;
  • writing and blogging tips;
  • my pictures!
  • traveling anecdotes;
  • what I’m learning about NYC;
  • music, movies and Pop life;
  • and last but not least: NKOTB and Blockheads.

What I had lived during the decades I’ve been on this earth (looking ten years younger, according to ‘people’) was… filled with sh*t…  so much of all kind (some serious one, in fact) that I could almost say: “Name it. Been there, done that”. So I thought: “Ok Lord, I believe you put me through all of that for some reason, right?” He wasn’t very clear about it, but I truly believe I am here to say:

Hey you all! Life’s sh*t can be use as a fertilizer to grow some pretty nice food for the soul.

So, unbutton your pants because we’ll be eating a lot.

But it wasn’t all bad! I’m lucky to say that I was and I am loved; I’m a dreamer and a believer! So without any further introduction, here are some facts about me so you can get a hint of who I am:

  1. I have a weird accent (because I moved a lot) and people always ask me where I’m from (even when I’m Argentina)… And I do not appreciate it.
  2. … You can ask me who I am instead: I am a writer 😉
  3. I have a self-taught nature, and I love to study (I got three university degrees; boring; check my Linkedin profile)
  4. Cannot spend a minute without listening to music! But I also cherish a good session of silence to daydream
  5. I love comedy! Stand up? I’ll be doing it soon. Scripts? Already in my notebook
  6. Sports? Figure skating and field hockey 🙂
  7. I was raised under the loving protection of an army officer and his elegant wife; so I hate protocols and fashion
  8. I have one tattoo over my left uncle that reads: “Truly, madly, deeply”, which is how I feel about almost everything and how I live my life
  9. And I am Blockhead!! (with capital B) a.k.a: devoted fan of the New Kids On The Block

So I guess “this is it”,  at least for now (Long live to the King of Pop, MJ!)

Let’s start blogging!
I hope you enjoy it, truly, madly, deeply 😉


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  1. “Hey you all! Life’s sh*t can be use as a fertilizer to grow some pretty nice food for the soul.” – Probably one of the most inspiring things I’ve read lately.

    1. Wow… Thank you so much!!!
      That mean s a lot to me. Thank you
      And welcome to my blog 😊

  2. Good to know about you. Liked reading you and will see you around 🙂

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